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    Dartmouth introduced a new safety app called Dartmouth LiveSafe. It provides a quick and convenient way for you to watch out for your friends, or to quickly report a safety concern to Safety and Security. The app provides access to campus resource information, easy Emergency 911 and Dartmouth Safety and Security communications, anonymous tip reporting and more.

    Installing LiveSafe

    LiveSafe can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

    Accessing SharePoint


    SharePoint is an online communication and collaboration environment. With Microsoft® SharePoint, you can:

    Email Service Overview


    Dartmouth’s email and personal calendar service is Microsoft Exchange.

    Quick Access

    Blitz Web Access (

    Available to

    Dartmouth students, faculty and staff*

    Benefits and Features

    Outlook Web Access (BWA) enables seamless communication among faculty, staff, and students.

    Connecting to an FTP Server


    The server named provides directories for the exchange of files between machines located on the Dartmouth campus and machines located on other networks. To connect to the server, enter the following information:

    Using FTP to share files with non-Dartmouth people


    Files placed in dropbox are not secure. Sensitive or confidential data can be encrypted using a separate tool, with the decryption key sent to the recipient by a more secure mechanism.


    Free space available on Dartmouth's dropbox server can be very volatile. While this system is easy to use and requires no accounts or passwords to be created, there are some disadvantages:

    Identify Fraudulent Email Messages


    Many people get tricked into giving their Dartmouth password to someone else via an email message they receive that appears to be from a valid sender, or they get malware installed on their computer by clicking a link in an email message that appears to be from a valid sender. When opening email - from someone you don't know or someone that you think you do - here are a few tips to quickly identify whether an email message you received is valid:

    Add Directory Lookup to Outlook for Windows


    Important Note: A Microsoft Office update from mid-October 2017 removed the ability to use this functionality within Outlook due to security concerns. You will need to open a web browser and go to to access the directory.


    Office 365 Groups using Outlook 2016

    Sharing Documents in OneDrive


    Share a file or folder by inviting people. Go to the site library that has the file or folder you want to share. Right-click (Win) or Ctrl+click (Mac) the file you want to share, and then select Share.  This can be done with the OneDrive sync client on Macintosh, Windows or mobile devices, or in OneDrive accessed via

    Best Practices for Collaboration


    There are many ways to collaborate and communicate in Office 365. A good overview on this topic can be found online at

    Once you have started to use collaboration tools as part of your daily workflow, you will want to use these tools and services in a way that ensures continuity for you and your collaborators.


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