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    Install Updates for QuickTime Player for Macintosh


    If Apple has released an update to QuickTime Player, you can install it using App Store Updates in Mac OS X.

    Adobe Acrobat reduce file size for printing or emailing


    Note: Reducing the size of a PDF will not affect the quality of the text or appearance.

    Instructional Centers


    Dartmouth has one Instructional Center that faculty or staff can reserve for teaching hands-on classes:

    37 Dewey Field Road (DFR) Instructional Center (Macintosh and Windows)

    Wireless Access Across Campus


    There are twelve major sections of the wireless network across campus. As you move from one section to another, the re-authentication that is necessary for wireless should occur transparently. The range of wireless depends on how far you roam outside those sections covered by the campus wireless.

    How Do I Get a Device With No Web Browser on the Network?

    Applies To

    Gaming consoles, smart TVs, printers, robotic devices, lab equipment, building sensors, routers and other devices that use Ethernet networking, but don't have an interface or web browser capability.


    If you have a device that needs to use the wired Ethernet network and the device does not support a web browser,

    Connect to the Ethernet (Wired) Network


    There is no software required to use the registration system. Registration of computers is completed through the use of a web browser.

    You must be affiliated with the college (faculty, student, and staff) and be able to provide Dartmouth credentials (NetID and password) to register.

    Anyone attempting to plug a computer into the wired Ethernet campus network will need to register the computer in order to use the Ethernet network. If you have a VPN connection active, disconnect from that first.

    Boot Camp Assistant


    To prevent the possibility of data loss, back up your disk before partitioning it or installing Windows. If you have a laptop computer, make sure the power adapter is connected.


    Boot Camp Assistant helps install Microsoft Windows on a Macintosh computer by downloading the necessary support software, creating a partition on your disk for the Windows operating system, and then running the Windows installer. When using Boot Camp, you must restart the Macintosh desktop and boot into Windows.

    Configure and Use Skype for Windows


    Do not use Skype to call emergency services. Unlike an ordinary telephone, Skype cannot automatically provide your location information to services such as 911.

    Incoming Students receive their computer


    When you purchase your computer, you can elect to have your computer sent to your house, pick it up while you’re on campus during the summer, or pick it up after you move into your residence hall room before New Student Orientation.

    Sent to Your Home Early

    Configure File Sharing for Mac OS X


    Sharing Files from One Mac OS X Computer to Another


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