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    Authorized Approvers for Sponsored or Departmental Accounts


    All sponsored or departmental account requests must be submitted on the current form (May 2014). Old versions of the form will be returned.

    Senior Officers Who can Sign a Sponsored or Departmental Account Form

    Area: Dean of the Faculty

    Departments: Arts & Sciences

    Senior Officer: Elizabeth F. Smith

    Configuring Apple Mail


    Note: Versions of Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar running on Mac OS X 10.11 and earlier are not fully compatible with Exchange. We recommend only using Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts with OS X 10.12.6 or later.

    From the Apple menu, select System Preferences, then open the Internet Accounts pane. Click the plus symbol (+) in the lower left of the window to begin adding an account for Mail.

    Ex-Employee Accounts


    Effective January 31, 2017, when people leave the employ of Dartmouth they will continue to have access to the Employee Self Service portal (, and the Dartmouth Directory Manager ( for a period of 18 months after their employment end date. They will not have access to anything else that requires a Dartmouth account - including their mailbox, and other systems. They will not appear in the Directory Listing. 

    Email Reading Pane


    In BWA:

    To hide or change the position of the reading pane (also called the preview pane) do the following:

    Delete a Group in Office 365


    When you delete a group, you are permanently removing all group conversations, email messages, files, calendar events, and any other related information. 


    After a group outlives its intended purpose, you can delete it to free up system resources and to remove the group from being listed or displayed.

    Bulk Add or Remove of LISTSERV Subscribers


    Rather than add and remove subscribers one by one, you can use bulk operations to add or remove multiple subscribers at once. To do so, you must have a text file that contains a list of the subscribers you wish to add or remove.

    Email Message Limits


    • 500 recipients per message.
    • 10,000 recipients in any 24 hour window.

    Display multiple accounts in Outlook for Windows


    If you are someone's assistant, and part of your job is to read, and respond to email for someone else, you can have your Outlook account set up so that both your Outlook account, and the Outlook account of the person whose email you monitor are both displayed when you log into your account.

    Have the person whose account you need access send an email to [email protected] requesting that you be granted full access and send permissions to their account. Once the permissions have been set, execute the following steps.

    Mark an Email as Unread


    1. Click the message to select it.
    2. Right-click (Ctrl+click when using a Macintosh) on the message.
    3. Select Mark as Unread from the contextual menu that appears. (Note: For Apple Mail on OS X 10.10 and earlier, select the message, then from the Message menu select Mark, then Mark as Unread).

    Sort by Column Heading in Outlook

    Step by Step

    1. With the folder open for which you want to change the sort, such as the Inbox, click a column header name. The data in the folder will change to be sorted by that column.
    2. To move between ascending and descending order, click the column header name a second time.

    A right mouse click (Control+click on a Mac) on a column header displays additional options for sorting.


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