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    Spell Checking in Email


    The Spellchecker works in the same fashion as the Microsoft Word spell checker.

    • In Outlook 2013 and 2016 on Windows, you can select the Spell Checker from the Review tab.
    • In Outlook 2016 for Mac, from the Edit menu, select Spelling and Grammar, then Check Document Now.
    • In Apple Mail pull down the Edit menu, select Spelling and Grammar and then choose which option you want.

    Edit a Microsoft Team


    To quickly perform lightweight tasks such as adding channels or members to the team, click the ellipses icon () to the right of the team name. For more in depth team management tools and administrative settings, click View Team.

    The Members tab allows you to add or remove members and manage team ownership. Owners have additional privileges like membership management and editing of team settings.

    Comcast Xfinity FAQs


    How do I access Xfinity On Campus on my computer?

    1. Make sure you're on campus and connected to the campus wired or wireless IP network.
    2. Go to
    3. In the Login box, enter Dartmouth for the required school name.
    4. You’ll then be re-directed into the Dartmouth Web authentication process. Enter your Dartmouth NetID and password when prompted.

    Xfinity Service


    As of September 15, 2015, Comcast's Xfinity On Campus service is now available for residential students living in on-campus housing. Developed by Comcast, Xfinity on Campus is a service that lets participating students watch live TV and On Demand content on their IP-enabled devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones via WiFi, so there’s no need for a TV.

    Producing a New Video with Media Production Group


    If you need a video or audio project to promote a program or event, or to preserve or document historical materials, the ITC Media Production Group can provide you with help planning and producing, editing, and distributing original videos, audio and media.

    Tips for Getting Started

    Planning and Producing

    Telephone Service Overview



    Dartmouth faculty, staff and students are provided with a phone line for placing local and domestic long distance calls free of charge.

    Voicemail is also available for each line. Conference calls are also supported.

    International calling is billed to department accounts for faculty and staff.

    Telephones are available for purchase at the Computer Store.

    Students who need access to international calling can purchase a calling card at the Computer Store located in the basement of McNutt.

    Outlook for Mac - Cannot access Shared calendar Free/Busy


    While Free/Busy viewing access to calendars is the default setting for Dartmouth O365 services, this feature is actually only available using the Outlook for the Web (BWA) interface or Outlook for Windows client, and by design is not present for Outlook for Macintosh clients.

    The minimum permission needed to open a calendar using an Outlook for Macintosh client is Reviewer, this level allows the Reviewer to see details of meetings and appointments.

    Phone Types by Dorm


    The table below provides information regarding which dorms use VoIP phones and which dorms use standard analog phones.

    In the dorms that are listed as VoIP, Dartmouth provides one phone for each room, regardless of the number of beds in the room. These phones are locked to the specific jack they are plugged into and cannot be moved by the student. See the Office of Residential Life for more information.

    Outlook Default Email Program


    For Windows:

    1. In Outlook, click the File menu.
    2. Click Options.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. Under Start up options select the Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts and Calendar check box.
    5. Click OK.

    For Macintosh:

    Downloading and Installing IP Communicator for Windows

    Step by Step

    Before you begin, make sure your wireless network is disabled. While IP communicator can use either the wired or wireless network, access to the wireless network needs to be disabled during the installation process. If you have questions about how to do this, contact your school's IT Service Desk, or send email to [email protected].


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