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    KeyAccess for Mac OS X


    KeyAccess is a utility that is required to run KeyServed software. If you have a problem running any KeyServed application, make sure you are running the latest version of KeyAccess. In order to run KeyServed software, you must have a connection to the Dartmouth network.

    Microsoft Office 365 Training


    The following resources are available to the Dartmouth community for learning about Office 365:

    Computer Assurance Program - Hardware Specifications


    There is a standard desktop model and a standard laptop model for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

    The current configuration for the Windows desktop model is:

    • Dell Optiplex All-In-One
    • Intel Core i7-7700
    • 16GB of RAM
    • 256GB SSD Hard Drive
    • 23.8" FHD Touch Screen
    • 8x Optical Drive
    • NO Wireless Card
    • 4 Year Complete Care Warranty

    The current configuration for the Windows laptop model is:

    Eduroam Wireless Network


    Follow the steps below to configure the Eduroam wireless network on your computer/device. Once you do this, whenever you are at any institution with Eduroam, simply enter your Dartmouth username and password (as noted below) and you will be connected to that institution's eduroam wireless network.

    Windows 8/10:

    Purchase Used Equipment from Dartmouth


    If you are purchasing a used computer from Dartmouth, the attached "Used Equipment Sales Agreement" needs to be completed, by both the purchaser and by staff in The Computer Store.   

    Locking your computer


    When you walk away from your computer, to prevent unauthorized access while you are away, without having to shut down, do the following:


    To Lock:

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
    2. Press Enter

    Or, use the keyboard shortcut: Windows+L

    To Unlock:

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
    2. Enter your password.


    Final Draft for Windows


    1. Connect to the Internet via Ethernet on Dartmouth Campus, Eduroam wireless, Dartmouth Secure Wireless, or VPN.
    2. Click to download Final Draft 9 for Windows.
    3. You will be prompted to Save, Run, or Open the File. Click Save or Save File and OK.
    4. Navigate to your web browser's downloads and right-click




    Maple is an interactive program that does numerical, symbolic, and graphical computations, and visualization.


    Maple is network licensed and requires a connection to Dartmouth's license manager each time you run Maple.

    Install Maple on your computer.

    If you have questions or problems, contact Research Computing.

    AirPrint and Wireless Printing from Mobile Devices


    For security reasons, AirPrint and direct printing via wireless from a mobile device to a networked printer on campus is not supported.

    However, in support of the GreenPrint system on campus, GreenPrint Mobile is a service that allows printing from mobile devices via email. Click here for more information on GreenPrint Mobile.


    Merging Multiple Apple IDs


    It is not possible to merge Apple IDs.

    If you have purchases that you have made on each Apple ID:

    1. Log in to each Apple ID from your device
    2. Download the items from the store to your device.
    3. On that device, log into the Apple ID that you want to use moving forward.


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