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    Downloading and Installing IP Communicator for Windows

    Step by Step

    Before you begin, make sure your wireless network is disabled. While IP communicator can use either the wired or wireless network, access to the wireless network needs to be disabled during the installation process. If you have questions about how to do this, contact your school's IT Service Desk, or send email to [email protected].

    Obtaining Email Header


    When reporting spam or phishing attempts, we need the internet header of the message. The easiest way to submit this information to ITC is by forwarding the message as an enclosure.

    From BWA (aka Office 365 Outlook):

    Non-Dartmouth ListServ Owner

    Step by Step

    To grant Listserv list ownership to someone who is not a member of the Dartmouth community, a ListServ account will need to be created. To do so, follow the steps below:

    Confirm Email Application Online


    Before working with your individual application, check your Internet connection to be sure that your device is on-line and that your email password is working by logging onto your account at

    Once you are sure you can connect successfully and see your new messages, go to the section below for your email application.

    Outlook 2013 or 2016

    Best Practices for Desktop Video Conferencing


    As desktop video conferencing tools become more commonly used, there are a few best practices you should be aware of to help ensure the best video and audio connections for your meetings.

    Using Attachments in Outlook


    To attach a file(s) to a message you are sending, in the composing window, on the Message tab in Outlook, click the paperclip icon marked Attach [file]. Navigate to where the file you want to send is located, select the file, then click Insert in Outlook or Choose File in Apple Mail. Messages cannot be sent if they are larger than 35 MB.

    Video Conferencing Service Overview



    Classroom Technology Services provides video conferencing services in a handful of uniquely equipped classrooms and conference rooms. This experience is ideal for small and medium-sized groups.

    Available to

    Faculty, staff, and students

    Benefits and Features

    With collaboration and conferencing tools, working groups are able to be more productive and travel less.

    Email and Calendaring Applications


    For accessing Dartmouth email and calendar(s), contacts and tasks, these applications give you access to the most functionality:

    Check OneDrive Syncing


    It is important to ensure that your OneDrive sync client is working properly so that you don’t lose data, or don’t have access to the latest version of a file when you need it most.

    Recover deleted items


    Items emptied from your Deleted Items folder are not recoverable after 28 days. To recover items emptied from your Deleted Items folder less than 28 days ago:


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