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Add a Room Resource to BWA Calendar


  1. Go to and login using your NetID and password.
  2. In BWA, at the top of the page in the upper left corner, click on the apps grid icon, then click the link for Calendar. The page will change to show your calendar.
  3. In the Calendar window, on the left, you will see sections for My Calendar, People's Calendars, Other Calendars, Rooms, and Groups.
  4. Using the Calendar or Rooms sections, it doesn't matter which section you use, but for listing room calendars, you might want to use the Rooms section.
  5. Right click (or if using a Mac, Control-Click) the Rooms section heading, and from the contextual menu that appears click Open Calendar.
  6. In the Open Calendar window, using the From Directory field, type the room resource name and/or number. This should list all the rooms that relate to keyword or number you entered in the field, or click Search Contacts & Directory if needed.
  7. Select a room resource, then click Open to add the calendar to the Rooms section.
  8. With the room listed, click the calendar, and you will then see any time slots that are booked for that room.
  9. You can also view multiple calendars together, each will be given a distinct color.
  10. The calendars you add will stay in the section you have added them to so you will not have to re-add them again later. To remove them, right click the calendar name and select to Remove.
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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Information, Technology & Consulting