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Classroom response systems are often known simply as “clickers”. The operating principle is that in order to increase in-class student engagement and learning, the instructor will present questions to her class to which students respond with either a dedicated device (“clicker”) or with a web-based tool or text message.

Quick Access

The primary classroom response tools ITC supports are TurningPoint clickers, Echo 360, and Poll Everywhere. We offer several technologies in this category, since they all have different pros and cons. We therefore recommend that the best point of departure is a consult with an Instructional Designer, who can guide you to the best tool. Contact us by e-mailing [email protected]

Available to

Dartmouth faculty and students

Benefits and Features

Classroom response tools can enhance instruction when used in order to check for comprehension, to conduct class surveys, or to set up peer instruction.

TurningPoint Responseware integrates with PowerPoint, as well as with Canvas. This means that questions can be presented via PowerPoint, and that the response results can flow into Canvas [note: the Canvas integration is in the works for fall 2014]. TurningPoint requires a “clicker” device per student; these can be bought at The Computer Store for $35 and returned at any time for a $10 buy-back price. The question types supported by TurningPoint are very basic. Main features:

Poll Everywhere is another web-based tool. We do not have a site license for Poll Everywhere but can work with individual instructors to create a Poll Everywhere account for their course. Poll Everywhere accepts texted responses. Main features:

For Echo360 users there are Responseware options available. To set up classroom capture with Echo 360, e-mail [email protected].

The most critical factor for successfully integrating any of these tools into the classroom do not have to do with the specific technology chosen, but with the types of questions and interactions created and with their integration into the classroom experience. This is why we recommend a consult with an Instructional Designer.


Requirements vary depending on the technology chosen:

Get Started

The best way to get started is by meeting with an Instructional Designer to talk about the needs specific to your class. You can reach us at [email protected].

More information about Turning Point is available here:

More information about Poll Everywhere is available here:


If you have any questions regarding classroom response systems and how best to use them for your teaching, e-mail [email protected].

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