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CrashPlan Frequently Asked Questions


What is CrashPlan and how does it work?

CrashPlan Proe is an automated desktop/laptop cloud-based backup service. Once installed on your computer it runs silently in the background, regularly backing up your data to the cloud, as long as you have a network connection.

Who can use CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is currently available to all active Arts & Sciences faculty at Dartmouth, for use on their Dartmouth-owned computer, free of charge.

How can I get CrashPlan installed on my computer?

Your department’s Academic Technology Consultant can provide more information. Email Dartmouth IT Service Desk to request CrashPlan installation.

Once CrashPlan is installed on my computer, can I install it on other computers?

Under our current license for active Arts & Sciences faculty, your Academic Technology Consultant will install CrashPlan on up to four (4) Dartmouth-owned desktop or laptop devices used solely by the faculty member.  The license does not apply to laboratory computers.

I use my home computer for work. Can I have CrashPlan installed on my home computer?

No. CrashPlan is licensed for Dartmouth-owned devices only. We encourage you to regularly back up your home and personal devices using a reliable backup service. Your Academic Technology Consultant can provide guidance.

What happens if I get a new computer?

If you are moving data from an existing computer on which CrashPlan is installed to a new computer, your Academic Technology Consultant can assist you with “adopting” the new device. Read more about Adopting a Computer.

What operating systems does CrashPlan support?

CrashPlan can be installed on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

How much data may I backup to CrashPlan?

You can backup an unlimited amount of data for up to four Dartmouth-owned desktop or laptop devices.

Where does my data go?

Our instance of CrashPlan Proe is a cloud backup service licensed through Internet2. Code 42 is the developer of CrashPlan. Your data will be encrypted and stored on the Code 42 server.

How secure is CrashPlan?

The service is secure and has been approved by Dartmouth’s ITS security team for the transfer and storage of all Dartmouth data classification levels. This includes intellectual property, grades, tenure and promotion information, social security numbers, institutional financial data, HIPAA data, and more.

Does CrashPlan encrypt the data?

Yes. Your data is encrypted in transit and "at rest" in the CrashPlan cloud. Dartmouth Information Technology Services (ITS) holds the encryption keys for our CrashPlan service so only you (or Dartmouth ITS system administrator if you need us) will be able to access your stored data backup.

Do I need to log in for CrashPlan to run?

No. Once installed, CrashPlan runs automatically in the background providing automated and continuous backup service. To install CrashPlan initially, to recover files using CrashPlan or to view the log of your backups, you will need to provide your Net ID and password.

How often does CrashPlan back up files?

By default CrashPlan backs up new or modified files every 15 minutes. While CrashPlan operates automatically, you still need to save your files.

How do I initiate a backup?

You don’t have to; it’s done automatically. Once CrashPlan is installed on your computer, the automatic backup will begin. The first backup after installation may take several days to complete.

What happens when I leave Dartmouth?

Your CrashPlan data is linked to your Dartmouth NetID. Your NetID account expires 30 days after your official termination date. All data backed up in CrashPlan remains in cold storage for 30 days after your NetID is disabled. Data is deleted from CrashPlan after 30 days of cold storage. Before you leave Dartmouth, you should make accommodations to distribute data to the appropriate people.

Is the data that I have backed up monitored?

The use of CrashPlan falls under Dartmouth’s IT policies and as such, data is not monitored. What we do monitor is the frequency of backups. If it appears that some of your devices are not backing, up an Academic Technology Consultant will follow up with you.

Will CrashPlan be installed on mobile devices?

No. Mobile devices do not meet the security criteria articulated in Dartmouth’s IT Security policies.

Does CrashPlan work for Off Campus?

Yes, as long as you have a connection to the Internet.

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