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File Sharing Service Overview



ITC provides a number of services that allow members of the Dartmouth community to share files with others across campus and beyond. These services include:

  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • SFTP
  • Canvas
  • Email

Available to

Dartmouth students, faculty and staff

Benefits and Features

Box is used for collaboration and sharing of documents both with members of the Dartmouth community and with colleagues at other institutions. There are two instances – standard and restricted. The standard instance allows users to store files and share them with both Dartmouth and non-Dartmouth colleagues; the restricted instance only allows users to share files with colleagues who have a Dartmouth account. HIPAA data can only be stored in the restricted instance. Both instances are available via a web browser from both on campus and off, as well as mobile apps.

OneDrive is used for file storage, and for collaboration and sharing of documents with members of the Dartmouth community. You can create, edit, and synchronize files securely from your devices(s) to cloud-based storage and share any of those files with other members of the Dartmouth community. Each user at Dartmouth has a minimum of 5TB of storage, but this can be changed to unlimited at the user's request. It is available via a web browser or via a desktop application from both on campus and off. This is part of the Microsoft suite of tools. See OneDrive for Macintosh and OneDrive for Windows for additional information.

SharePoint is an online communication and collaboration environment. With Microsoft® SharePoint, you can:

  • Create a community of people who have access to a common set of information that's always kept current;
  • Build a collaboration space to meet the specific needs of your group or project - create shared calendars, workflows, meeting workspaces, custom lists, and much more to allow SharePoint to best meet your situation;
  • Create and save documents in a single, secure location and use excellent search capabilities to find content.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) provides a way for computers to "talk" to each other in order to transfer files using options such as a web browser or FTP application. This method is an alternative to transferring either large or many files instead of sending them as an e-mail message attachment or enclosure. You can also use it to transfer files anonymously to and from an FTP server that supports that option. Open the link on connecting to ftp server

Canvas is the academic environment for teaching and learning with an improved user interface which will allow both faculty and students to do exciting new work in their course web sites. Open the link for Canvas

Dartmouth email can be used as a basic way to share files with other by including the document as an enclosure attached to the email message.


In addition to a valid Dartmouth NetID and password, many of the services listed above require some type of configuration or software download and installation to activate the service. The web pages listed with each option should provide additional requirements specific to that option.

Additional Information

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Safe File Sharing Practices to and from computers:

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