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Get Started with OneDrive for Macintosh


OneDrive for Business provides unlimited password-protected, online storage for each user. This allows you to store documents, photos and other files online so they can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer. You can install an application on your computer so your OneDrive location acts like your computer's hard drive, or you can access/upload your OneDrive files via a web browser.

Access from a Macintosh Computer

Accessing OneDrive from a Macintosh Computer requires 4 parts for the initial set up.

Part 1: Install OneDrive for Business

First, follow the steps below to install OneDrive.

  1. Install OneDrive from the Mac app store.  You can also access by clicking the App Store icon on your computer.  Login with your Apple ID and password.
  2. If you don’t have OneDrive set up for your personal use, start OneDrive by pressing cmd+Space to launch a Spotlight query and type OneDrive. This starts OneDrive Setup. When prompted enter your Dartmouth email address ( then click Sign in.
  3. If you already have OneDrive set up for personal use and now want to use it for Dartmouth as well, click the OneDrive icon in the Menu bar and click Preferences from the menu that appears. Click the Account tab and in the new Add Account group, select Add a Business Account to start OneDrive Setup. When prompted enter your Dartmouth email address (your [email protected]) then click Sign in.

Part 2: Configure OneDrive for Business

Next, configure OneDrive to sync the folders and files that you want copied to the cloud.

  1. First, select where you want your OneDrive folder created. This will be where you can easily access files that are synced to your OneDrive location in the cloud. On the This is your OneDrive folder screen, click Choose OneDrive Folder Location. Navigate to where you want your OneDrive – Dartmouth College folder created, then click Choose this location.
  2. When you see the This is your OneDrive folder screen, you’ll now see a path to the folder you selected. Click Next to continue. On the Sync Files from Your OneDrive screen, choose the folders you want to sync to your computer, and click Next.
  3. When you see Your OneDrive Is Ready for You, the last thing to do is make sure you select Open at login so my files sync automatically. This will ensure that OneDrive runs at login and you always have the most up to date version of all your files.
  4. Click Open your OneDrive folder to see your files sync to your folder.

Icons for OneDrive will now appear in the Menu bar at the top of your screen. An icon will appear for every account you’ve connected to OneDrive. For example, if you are syncing personal files there will be an icon for “OneDrive”; if you’re syncing your account, there will be an icon for “OneDrive – Dartmouth College”; if you’re syncing both accounts, there will be two OneDrive icons.

Part 3: Enable OneDrive Status Indicator

If you are running Mac OSX 10.10 or higher, you can set your OneDrive folder to show the sync status of the folders and files in that folder. This enables you to quickly see whether your files are available to you on another computer because they’ve synced to your OneDrive folder in the cloud.

  1. Click System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click Extensions.
  2. Place a check in the OneDrive Finder box then close the Extensions window.

If you open your OneDrive folder, you’ll now see a green check for every folder/file that has been synced, and a red x on any folder/file that has not yet synced.

Access OneDrive from a Web Browser

  1. Log into with your NetID and password.
  2. Click the App Launcher icon in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Click OneDrive.
  4. If prompted to trust the use of the "SharePoint Browser Plug-in", click Trust.
  5. Click Upload to browse for a file to upload, or you can also drag files into the OneDrive window to upload them.

Invalid Characters

There are a few characters that cannot be included in the name of a file/folder on OneDrive. This information is  found at If you have one of these in your OneDrive folder, that file will not sync.

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