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Installing a Set Top Box


  1. Plug the Set Top Box (STB) into a network port using an Ethernet cable.
    1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the network jack labeled “Main RJ45 Network Jack” on the back of the Set Top Box.
    2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an active Ethernet port near the television
      Note: If you need help locating this jack on the back of the STB, see the diagram below. The network jack is located on the back of your phone.
      The STB provides a second Ethernet port, so you can plug your computer into this port for network access, if necessary.
  2. Connect the Set Top Box power supply to the power input jack.
  3. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet.
    Note: The front panel LED light on the Set Top Box should now be either green for “active mode” or red for “standby mode.”
  4. Tap the power button on the STB remote. The television should present an image that indicates the STB is waiting to load or is in the process of loading the STB application. After the STB application has finished loading, the STB will tune a channel.
  5. Connect the STB to your television.
    1. Using the supplied A/V cable, connect the audio cables (red/white RCA jacks) to the audio input connections on your television.
    2. Using the supplied A/V cable, connect the composite video connection (yellow RCA jack) to the video input connection on your television.
    Note: Using the Composite (RCA audio/video) is the preferred method for attaching your television to the STB. However, an S-video connection can also be used by attaching the supplied cable to an S-video connection on your television.
  6. Set the television to match the input where you have attached the STB, such as Video 1, Video2, S-Video. Some televisions have inputs listed below Channel 2; others have “input” buttons on remotes.
  7. Adjust your television volume to a comfortable level. Then use the STB remote control to adjust the volume of the STB or mute.

    To display closed caption text: enable the closed caption feature of your television. Closed caption data is generated by the STB when available in the tuned channel.



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