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Programming Supported by Research Computing


The following programming is supported by Research Computing staff:

  • Basic and advanced programming in Fortran C/C++, Java.
  • Basic GPU programming under CUDA, CUDA directives under Fortran and C (PGI compilers), Basic MATLAB CUDA programming.
  • Web programming: PHP, HTML, CSS, Database programming and support.
  • Scripting: Perl, Phython, CSH, BASH, KSH.
  • Parallel programming: Converting serial codes to parallel using MPI, OpenMP, Hybrid programming.
  • Code Debugging: use Totalview to debug codes.
  • Code development: Serial and parallel codes.
  • Code porting: Mainly to Linux environments including Math and Scientific libraries.
  • Application programming: Matlab programming, SAS programming, Visualization with Visit and Vtk.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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Information, Technology & Consulting