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Sponsored Accounts


People who are actively working to fulfill the academic mission of Dartmouth can have a Dartmouth account. Examples of these types of people are temporary agency employees not paid directly by the College, unpaid research associates, consultants and faculty who hold positions at other institutions who are working in collaboration with a paid Dartmouth staff or faculty member. Friends and family members of Dartmouth employees and students are not eligible for sponsored accounts, unless they are actively helping to pursue Dartmouth's academic mission themselves as noted above.

Senior officers of the College must approve the creation of these accounts to ensure the request is a legitimate one. A Dartmouth account controls access to many resources that are restricted to Dartmouth community members, ranging from Library resources to networking resources. In addition, some systems are licensed based upon the total number of accounts Dartmouth has. Only those people who are actually engaged in Dartmouth work should be granted an account. People with a sponsored account have all the rights and privileges a regular employee or student has in terms of technology usage, including using site-licensed software, purchasing items from The Computer Store, and acquiring computing support. If accounts are granted inappropriately, the services that should be provided to those pursuing the mission of Dartmouth could be delayed.

Complete the Application for a Sponsored DND Account form (PDF document) attached to this article. Sponsored account forms must be signed by an Authorized Senior Officer for the sponsor's area.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

If you have questions or need further information, contact your department's IT support office, or contact the IT Service Desk via email at [email protected], via phone at 603-646-2999 or walk in to see them in Baker/Berry 178J.

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