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SPSS for Windows


SPSS is statistical analysis software and is controlled via a license manager.

  1. Using a web browser, please access the following URLs:
  2. Locate the two files you just downloaded.  They usually will be in your Downloads folder.  Then do the following:
    • Double-click SPSS_Statistics_24_winxx.exe.
    • Take all default options offered and when prompted, accept the license agreement.  Note:  you will be prompted to accept license agreements several times during the installation.
    • When the installation is complete, uncheck Start IBM SPSS Statistics 24 now because you still need to run the license update.
    • Click Finish.
  3. Locate the file
    • Right click and choose Extract All and choose defaults.  Click Extract.
    • Open the folder fixWinSPSSlicense.
    • Double click the file fixWinSPSSlicense.vbs and then click Open.  Be sure to uncheck the box next to "ask each time for this type of file".
    • Take any defaults.
    • You will then see the message "Updated license server configuration for SPSS 24.  No local license file installed"  Click OK.
  4. To run SPSS, the IBM SPSS Statistics 24 program is located in the IBM SPSS Statistics folder. 

For other questions about SPSS, contact [email protected]

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Friday, November 3, 2017

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