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VPN Client for Macintosh


In 2015, Dartmouth switched from a java-based VPN client (known by several names - Juniper, Network Connect, Junos Pulse) to an application that requires software be installed on the computer before the VPN connection is tried. The new product is named Big-IP Edge Client or F5 Access.

Before you begin

The Juniper VPN system should be entirely removed from your computer before you can install and use the Big-IP Edge Client. Make sure to look for an remove Juniper, Junos Pulse and Network Connect.

Downloading Big-IP Edge Client

  • Version: 7
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 15 MB
  • File Date: September 22, 2015

Download VPN Client

Configuring the Client

The BiG-IP Client installer is pre-configured to use the primary server location that most people connect to: If you have a need to connect to the VPN via an eToken or using Duo, or need to connect from a device on the DHMC network, follow the steps below. Otherwise, no configuration is required, simply click Connect.

It is important to note that even though the server location is a URL, this is NOT a website that you can go to. This is a URL that needs to be entered into the Server Location field in the Big-IP VPN application installed on your computer.

To change the default configuration for an eToken or Duo or a device on the DHMC network, click Change Server then enter the following into the Select server field in the window that appears and click Next.

Known Issues

If a user has preferred a wired connection over wireless and while active just on wireless connects with the BIG-IP Edge client, it will connect fine. However, when that user plugs back into the wired connection, all traffic will be sent over the wired connection and will bypass the VPN client. The work-around is to disable wireless

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