Information, Technology & Consulting

The Council on Computing

A Council of the General Faculty, the Council on Computing is the primary forum for the discussion of technology issues at Dartmouth.

Annual Report 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015

Membership 2014-2015

  • Bailey-Kellogg, Christopher (Computer Science)
  • Balkcom, Devin (Computer Science)
  • Cattier, Alan (ITC)
  • Crossley, Pamela (HIST)
  • Doucet, Joe (ITC)
  • Evans, Aden (English)
  • Fall, Leslie H (Geisel)
  • Flanagan, Mary (Film/Media)
  • Franklin, Mark J. (Thayer)
  • Gladfelter, Amy (BIOL)
  • Goodness, Gail C. (Controller)
  • Hamilton, Nicole L. (ITC)
  • Horrell, Jeffrey L. (Library)
  • Kim, Joshua (DCAL)
  • Knauff, Barbara (ITC)
  • Langdon, Erin
  • Kopalle, Praveen K. (Tuck)
  • Levey, Christopher (Thayer)
  • McAllister, Stephen B. (Geisel)
  • Mellert, Barbara T. (ITC)
  • Pyc, Stanley D. (Tuck)
  • Taxman, Jennifer (Library)
  • Waite-Franzen, Ellen J. (ITC)
  • Wheatley, Thalia (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
  • Wybourne, Martin N. (PHYS)

Comments about the Council should be directed to the Chair, Thalia Wheatley.

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Information, Technology & Consulting