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Information Technology Backup Test 12/21 & 12/22

Notice to Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students:

On the weekend of December 21 and 22, Information Technology Services (ITS) will conduct a test to ensure that critical computer applications and services have a sufficient level of redundancy or backup. The timing of the test, during the first weekend of the holiday break, is meant to minimize the impact of any potential service disruption. It is, however, possible that users could experience an interruption of some systems, including email, MyFiles/OurFiles, and Banner. See below for a complete list.

For more than a year, ITS has been developing the infrastructure, capacity, and documentation to provide redundancy for Dartmouth’s 30+ critical IT applications and services between our on- and off-campus data centers. Redundancy ensures that if we ever lose power or connectivity to the primary data center we can switch Dartmouth’s critical computing systems over to the secondary data center and keep them running smoothly.

We have identified the start of the holiday break as the best opportunity for this operation, given that many departments are closed and a majority of our community is off campus at that time.

The plan involves cutting the link between our primary and secondary data centers on December 21 at 5 a.m., and then bringing the 30+ critical systems back online in our secondary data center to ensure they are working appropriately. We will then switch back to the primary data center later that day and again test the systems to ensure they are fully functional.

During this period, all non-critical systems (such as the campus map, many facilities systems, the Hood museum’s catalog system, Documentum, IRA reporting environment) will be unavailable. Internal phones, 911, and Safety and Security phones will all continue to work, although there will be reduced inbound and outbound call capacity during the test period.

We expect that all will go smoothly, and ITS staff will be on duty to address any disruptions that could occur. We anticipate that normal services will resume Monday morning, December 23.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

Dartmouth computing systems deemed critical

Active Directory Greenprint Oracle Database
Advance Health services Oracle EBIS
Audience View Identify and access management OurFiles
Banner Student (Appworx, Inferno) Informant Phone Service
Blackboard LDAP Rapport
COEUS Library catalog Sharepoint
Echo360 MyFiles Tuckstreams
Email (Mailhub) Network Services Web presence


Information, Technology & Consulting