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Safety is Priority: Computing Services' Emergency Drill

By Steve Nyman
Dartmouth's Chief Information Security Officer

Computing Services is dedicated to providing high performing IT systems and support to the Dartmouth community.  We are also committed to ensuring our colleagues are safe in the event of an on-campus emergency.

Consistent with Dartmouth’s Emergency Planning Group guidance and the various safety programs managed by Safety and Security, Computing Services has an up-to-date Emergency Plan, with organization and instructions for our staff to cope with emergencies, including immediate evacuation of our offices, shelter-in-place in the event of on-campus violence, and long-term evacuation due to extreme weather or widespread illness.

Watch the video "Run. Hide. Fight." produced by the city of Houston, Texas, and provided by Safety and Security for the Dartmouth Community.

On June 12, we conducted an all-staff emergency drill to test our plan for “shelter in place.”  This was the second such drill within the last three years. The plan worked well, with all of our designated shelter areas reporting in as “all accounted for” within twelve minutes of the broadcast emergency notification email to all our staff (150 colleagues, across many campus buildings). There were a few lessons learned, and we will make adjustments to the plan as a result.

The lynchpin to our plan is the use of a business-card sized “emergency card” for each staff member, that can be conveniently carried in a wallet or purse. The card contains basic instructions for each type of emergency, and is personalized for each colleague, displaying their shelter location  evacuation location, and team leader's contact information.

Our next drill will be conducted within six months, and will consist of an emergency evacuation exercise.

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