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    Access Discoverer Viewer or Plus


    IMPORTANT: Discoverer will be shut down on January 2, 2017. All data should be in the data warehouse prior to that date.

    To access Oracle Discoverer 11g Plus or Viewer for Banner you must disable any pop-up blockers for this site. If you do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer, you will be prompted to allow it to run and will have to set the Java security settings to include //

    Web Options for UNIX and AFS Users


    The Web server running on cannot serve pages directly from AFS. Another system,, runs a Web server that can directly serve pages out of a user's account.

    Below are two options for people who want to have web pages, but keep them in AFS and maintain them directly from their AFS account.

    Support Policies for Students


    Undergraduate and Arts & Sciences graduate students at Dartmouth can access immediate assistance in any of the following ways:

    Statistical Software Support


    Statistical computing covers the use of statistics and supported statistical packages on all of Information, Technology & Consulting's public systems, including UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows platforms.

    Supported packages include Stata, SPSS, SAS and R. Support not only includes accessing and installing these packages, but also includes assistance with the program basics, writing code, and choosing appropriate analyses. In addition, we can help you with transferring data between applications or platforms.

    OpenAFS Client for Linux


    The OpenAFS client can be installed on any Linux distribution but the details of how to do so vary. You will need root permission and usually some familiarity with a command line. The process is complicated by the necessity for a kernel module that must match the kernel you are running.

    Getting Help Service Overview



    Information Technology Services (ITS) provides assistance with any technology-related question, issue or problem.

    Install ArcGIS Desktop on Windows


    Notes: ArcGIS Desktop runs only on Windows machines. In the steps below, the file version number may change as new software is released.

    Expiration of Dartmouth Accounts


    Employee Accounts - Under normal circumstances, employee accounts expire 30 days after termination. Deleting individual email accounts prior to the expiration date is done only at the request of the departing individual, or due to a personnel issue and requested by Human Resources.

    Dartmouth Information Security Policy


    Approved by Academic Planning Committee on May 3, 2012

    Create a Microsoft Team


    Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that brings together conversations, content, and a set of tools for teams to collaborate.

    We recommend users download and use the Teams client rather than using BWA. The client is available for download from


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