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    Junk Email Filtering


    Dartmouth uses Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection system (EOP) for junk email and phishing filtering. These settings are controlled by Microsoft. However, there are several way in which you can control your junk email.

    First, you can notify Microsoft of messages that were incorrectly flagged as junk, or incorrectly flagged as not junk. There are several ways to do this:

    Report junk email in your Outlook inbox:

    Setting Up Your Voice Mail


    Change the Recording of Your Name

    1. Log on to Cisco Unity Voice Mail (6-1000 on-campus or off-campus: 603-646-1000).
    2. Press 4 then 3 then 2.
    3. At the tone, record your name, or press * to keep the current recording.

    Change Your Recorded Greeting

    Managing Your Voice Mail Messages


    Checking Messages

    1. Log on to Unity Voice Mail by pressing the Messages button on your phone or calling 603-646-1000; then pressing * to log on.
    2. Either press 1 to hear new messages or press 3 to hear old messages. Then, press 1 to hear saved messages.

    Replying to Messages

    Creating and Using Tasks in Outlook


    Tasks can be added to your to-do list in one of three ways:



    Information Technology Services licenses online access to Gartner, an information technology company that provides research and advice to guide decision making.

    Our Gartner license is restricted to members of the Dartmouth community. By logging in via this web page you will have full access to Gartner products and will have the opportunity to customize your Gartner experience.

    Add a Room Resource to BWA Calendar


    1. Go to and login using your NetID and password.
    2. In BWA, at the top of the page in the upper left corner, click on the apps grid icon, then click the link for Calendar. The page will change to show your calendar.
    3. In the Calendar window, on the left, you will see sections for My Calendar, People's Calendars, Other Calendars, Rooms, and Groups.

    Require Login to Access Outlook for Windows


    To be prompted to enter your password each time you start Outlook, change the configuration on your computer:

    Managing a Listserv mailing list


    A ListServ mailing list can be managed with a web based interface or by sending commands to the list via email.

    The web based interface can be found at:

    Accessing Your Email from a Web Browser


    To access your Blitz account, follow these steps.

    Finding Your Dartmouth NetID


    1. Go to
    2. Click here in the Please click here to log in line.
    3. The Dartmouth Web Authentication page will appear.
    4. Above the NetID text field, click Lookup my NetID.
    5. Start typing your name and wait for a list of names to appear. Select your name from the list and your NetID will be shown


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