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    Finding Your Dartmouth NetID


    1. Go to
    2. Click here in the Please click here to log in line.
    3. The Dartmouth Web Authentication page will appear.
    4. Above the NetID text field, click Lookup my NetID.
    5. Start typing your name and wait for a list of names to appear. Select your name from the list and your NetID will be shown

    OmniUpdate Support

    Duo Second Factor Devices


    As part of the Duo enrollment process, you need to select which device you are going to use to receive codes from Duo. Devices can also be manually added by a Duo account administrator once you have enrolled. Users can self-service add a device or manage their devices to their Duo account independent of the enrollment process. See this article for instructions to Manage Devices:

    Resource Accounts (Calendar Only)


    CyberArk - Access from OS X without a VM


    To access the CyberArk PSM from OS X without using a Virtual Machine with Windows, you will need the latest version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, version 8.0.33, which requires OS X 10.9 or later. You can download it from the App Store at

    To connect:

    Departmental Accounts

    Departmental Accounts

    Resetting Website Passwords


    If the website is owned by a department or organization, then you would need to log into the Web Account Management System using the NetID and password for that department or organization.

    Web hosting at Dartmouth is designed to be self service. To reset the password for a website that you own or maintain, use the Web Account Management System.

    Conference Accounts


    If you are planning a conference for which you would like a web site for marketing your conference, a collaboration site for preparing for the conference, or mailbox follow the steps below:

    Password Rules and Recommendations


    REMEMBER! If your browser saves your history and passwords, clear your cache and update/clear saved passwords in your browser's preferences/history windows.


    Your Dartmouth password must conform to certain rules in order to be accepted as a valid password. If your current password does not conform to these rules, you should change it to one that does.

    Oracle Account Information


    You now use your NetID and password to log into anything that previously used OPS$ for a username.

    To change your password, follow the instructions on Changing Your Password.


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