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    Stella for Macintosh


    1. Download and install KeyAccess for Macintosh if not already installed on your computer.
    2. Download Stella for Mac OS X, installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe-Dartmouth file.

    Dartmouth Computer Store Warranties


    Apple computers can be purchased with a 3-year warranty; Dell computers can be purchased with a 4-year Complete Care warranty. These warranties allow new students to spend nearly their entire college career without worrying about getting the service they may need. The Computer Store (located on campus) is an authorized repair shop for Apple, HP, Dell and Lenovo.

    ArcGIS Software


    ArcGIS is an integrated system for geographic data creation, management, integration, and analysis for use on Windows-based systems. The college has an agreement to use this software only on Dartmouth-owned computers, and for academic use (teaching and research) only.

    If you would like to find out more about ArcGIS, please refer to the Geographical Information Systems Research Guide.

    Konica Minolta Windows Setup


    Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information:

    Configure Dartmouth Secure Manually


    1. Start your device's wireless configuration utility and enter the following information.
      • Network Name (SSID): Dartmouth Secure
      • Security: WPA-2 Enterprise (If not an option, select PEAP, field may be labeled "EAP".)
      • Encryption type: AES (If using PEAP, need to select MSCHAPV2, field may be labeled Phase2.)
      • Username: Your Dartmouth NetID
      • Password: Your Dartmouth password

    Resetting a Forgotten Password


    When you change your password, within 24 hours you must change the password on any and all devices (phones, tablets, iPads, etc.) that attempt to login automatically to your account. If you fail to do so, you may be locked out of your account due to those devices repeatedly attempting to log in. If you get locked out of your account, call the IT help desk at 603-646-2999 to regain access.

    Supported Handheld Devices


    Information Technology Services (ITS) offers support for setting up handheld mobile computing devices for access to Dartmouth email, Dartmouth secure wireless networks, and Dartmouth VPN.

    Due to the wide variation in the models and operating system versions of mobile handheld devices there can be limitations in providing setup support. Problems most often occur with mobile devices that are older or provide limited feature sets.

    Enable X Tunneling Using SSH Secure Shell

    Applies To

    If you are using an X server, you might need to have a "tunneled connection."

    Configuring Dartmouth Secure Remote and GoGreen Remote


    Configuring a Connection to Dartmouth Secure Remote

    1. Use your browser to navigate to:
    2. Accept the terms of the End User License agreement.
    3. Click Start.
    4. Follow the Step-by-Step instructions.

    Connecting to GoGreen Remote

    1. Open the wireless locator on your device.

    Support for Windows Operating Systems


    Dartmouth's Information Technology Services provides support for:

    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10

    We do not provide support for earlier versions of Windows or for any version of Windows server.


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