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    vAudit: Connecting the RFID Handheld Reader after "Getting Unable to Authenticate User" Error


    See attached document for details and step by step.

    ServiceNow Delegates


    How to Add a Delegate

    Click Self Service from the left nav bar then Delegates. Click the Delegates menu item.

    ITS Project Request Template


    Please download and use the attached ITS Project Request Template to submit new projects for review.



    LDAP Directory Migration


    On April 4, 2017 @ 6:00AM, the Redhat directory servers (a.k.a. DND LDAP,, are going out-of-maintenance and will be decommissioned. Before they are decommissioned, all applications/services should be updated to use the new directory servers (Oracle Unified Directory) or Active Directory as appropriate.

    The new directory servers have been configured to be as similar to the old directory servers as possible/appropriate to reduce the impact as applications are migrated.

    Accessing Advance


    In order to gain access to the Advance system, users must have privileges assigned within the Advance system.

    If you need access to Advance, please complete the form at

    Logging in to Advance

    Accessing AudienceView


    This system requires access permissions and is *ONLY*used by Dartmouth's Ticketing Offices.

    Getting Access

    To request access, the supervisor of the ticketing office employee should send an email to [email protected] with the appropriate permissions request.

    Logging In

    Once you have been granted permissions, you will be supplied with login specifics.

    Course Assessment


    Support for the Course Assessment system is provided through the Undergraduate Registrar's Office. They have a FAQ webpage at Any additional questions or issues with Course Assessment need to be sent to [email protected] Someone from the Registrar's Office will contact you with assistance.

    Add (or Remove) a Favorite from IRA Report

    Step by Step

    Once you've created a report with your filters set in IRA and saved it, it appears from the Open - Recent menu. To add it to your Favorites menu:

    1. Click Home in the upper right corner.
    2. Under Recent - Others you should see your recently saved report.
    3. Click More, from the pull down menu, select Add to Favorites.

    Oracle Financials - Purchasing, Inventory, Accounts Payable and General Ledger Systems


    The Oracle Financials system is a web-based suite of applications, used by various departments across Dartmouth, for supporting the financial work of the College. The applications include:

    Procurement - Used to requisition materials (supplies), equipment, and services.

    Inventory - Used to track the receipt and disbursement of procured goods and services.

    Accounts Payable - Used to pay vendors and individuals for the goods and service they provide.

    Payroll Self-Service


    The Payroll Office hosts a web-based “Employee Self Service” application that allows employees to access and make changes (including opting to receive your pay stubs electronically) to their Payroll and Employee Information documents. These include:


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