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    Configure and Use Skype for Windows


    Do not use Skype to call emergency services. Unlike an ordinary telephone, Skype cannot automatically provide your location information to services such as 911.

    Incoming Students receive their computer


    When you purchase your computer, you can elect to have your computer sent to your house, pick it up while you’re on campus during the summer, or pick it up after you move into your residence hall room before New Student Orientation.

    Sent to Your Home Early

    Configure File Sharing for Mac OS X


    Sharing Files from One Mac OS X Computer to Another

    Access Remote Database Using FileMaker Pro


    To access a database remotely using FileMaker Pro, the database must first be setup to allow sharing for FileMaker clients. Once that is done, there are two options for connecting:

    Use the Network File Path field:

    1. In FileMaker Pro, from the File menu select to Open Remote…
    2. In the Open Remote File window, in the Network File Path field, enter

      fmnet:/database IP address/database name

    Network Printer Web Interface No Longer Accessible


    If the printer is functioning fine otherwise, but you cannot access the web interface for the printer or copier, follow the steps below:

    1. Completely power down the copier.
    2. Unplug the power cord from the wall as well as the Ethernet cable.
    3. Wait for a minute.
    4. Plug everything back in and start up the copier or printer again.

    Configure and Use Skype for Macintosh


    Do not use Skype to call emergency services. Unlike an ordinary telephone, Skype cannot automatically provide your location information to services such as 911.

    Installing Skype for Business

    Follow the steps below to install Skype for Business on your Mac running Mac OS X 10.11 or higher. All earlier versions of Skype or Lync must be uninstalled from your computer before installing this version.

    How to Use Compressed Files and Installers


    Most software installers provided by Apple Computer, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and other third-party companies are provided as compressed files. Compression is used so that installers can be packed into a smaller single file that can be downloaded from the Internet more quickly and easily. Anyone who uses installers or transfers large files regularly and wants to understand more on how compression works and why it is necessary can benefit from this information.

    What is File Compression and Why is It Essential?

    Using SFTP for Windows


    In order to use SFTP on a Windows computer, you must first install SSH Secure Shell which includes the SFTP client.

    Follow the directions found at Connect with SSH Secure Shell.

    Use of Apple's Time Capsule


    Apple's Time Capsules are NOT allowed on Dartmouth's network unless the following configuration is used. If a Time Capsule is plugged into the network and this configuration is not followed, other devices connected to the network in the area of the Time Capsule will cease to have network connectivity.

    Upgrading Java


    Users of centrally controlled administrative systems should be running Java 8 update 101 as of August 2016. Follow the steps below to upgrade to that version of Java if you are not prompted when you log into a system. If you have any questions about whether or not to upgrade your Java version please call the IT Help Desk at 603-646-2999 7:30am - 5:30pm ET Monday-Friday.


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