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    Request a Group Mailing List


    Mailing lists can be created on central systems so that they are available for use by multiple people. There are two different systems in use at Dartmouth - the Cloud based system and the ListServ system - in which these shared mailing lists can be created. Where they are created is dependent upon the features needed, who will be maintaining the lists and who will be members on the list.

    What is Blitz?


    Blitz is the name of the email system at Dartmouth used by students, faculty and staff. In addition to email, Blitz provides calendaring, contacts, document sharing, video and web conferencing, and unlimited file storage for each user. Blitz accounts are hosted in the cloud environment. Cloud accounts are hosted by Microsoft Online Services.

    Blitz can be accessed via the Internet at

    Configuring Blitz Web Access (BWA)


    To configure default settings, (signature to appear on all emails, font to use on messages, conversation view on or off, etc.) log into and follow these steps:

    Resetting Website Passwords


    If the website is owned by a department or organization, then you would need to log into the Web Account Management System using the NetID and password for that department or organization.

    Web hosting at Dartmouth is designed to be self service. To reset the password for a website that you own or maintain, use the Web Account Management System.

    Conference Accounts


    If you are planning a conference for which you would like a web site for marketing your conference, a collaboration site for preparing for the conference, or mailbox follow the steps below:

    Avoiding Spam Filters


    If you are going to send an email message to a large group of people, use the best practices outlined below to reduce the chances of your message ending up in the recipient's junk mail folder.

    Glossary of Computing Terms


    Glossary of Terms

    Active Directory: Microsoft’s directory product that contains the user account names and passwords that are used to access Microsoft-based systems like the Windows network, Exchange, Office 365 or Microsoft Online Services (MOS).

    Active Directory Name Change


    Configure Send Mail via Exchange Online for Application or Service


    As Dartmouth prepares to shut down the primary mailhub system that has been in use for years, owners of applications and systems that send mail and are configured to use the old system - - need to change the configuration of their application/system to point to Microsoft's Exchange Online server.

    What is a NetID?


    A NetID is a permanent, personal identifier that is unique to each individual and is used to log in to most Dartmouth systems. NetIDs are not related in any way to real or legal names, thus eliminating the necessity to change them over time (e.g. due to marriage). You will only ever have one, it does not change if or when your affiliation with the College changes.


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