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    Check Email Address

    Step by Step

    To verify an email address for a person at Dartmouth, type the first few characters of the person's first and last names in the To, Cc or Bcc fields of an email message window then do one of the following actions:

    Press Ctrl-K (think "looKup"). If there is a unique match in your contacts or the global address book, the name will auto-complete, or you'll be given a list of possible matches.


    Using IP Communicator


    For information on how to use IP Communicator, see the appropriate Cisco IP Communicator User Guide for your version.

    What is IP Communicator?


    Dartmouth has licensed Cisco's IP Communicator software to allow members of the Dartmouth community to use their Windows-based computers as a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone. This software is currently not available for the Macintosh operating system.

    Password Rules and Recommendations


    REMEMBER! If your browser saves your history and passwords, clear your cache and update/clear saved passwords in your browser's preferences/history windows.


    Your Dartmouth password must conform to certain rules in order to be accepted as a valid password. If your current password does not conform to these rules, you should change it to one that does.

    Oracle Account Information


    You now use your NetID and password to log into anything that previously used OPS$ for a username.

    To change your password, follow the instructions on Changing Your Password.

    Set Permissions for a Shared Mailbox Calendar


    To refine who can schedule the Shared Mailbox's calendar directly:

    Using a File Transfer Program (FTP)


    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. A file transfer protocol program provides a way for computers to "talk" to each other in order to transfer files. This is the recommended alternative to transferring either large or many files instead of sending them as an an e-mail message attachment or enclosure. As most e-mail systems have a limit on how large an enclosed file can be (one to three megabytes is a common value) FTP applications can provide a solution to that problem.

    Can't Move Email to File Folder in Outlook 2013


    Some users have reported issues with not being able to move emails to a file folder in the navigation pane after they have doing an email search in their inbox. Additionally, it looks like you have two copies of the same message in the inbox and if you delete one of them, it deletes both of them. to resolve this:

    Lync Quick Reference Card


    Attached are Quick Reference Cards for Lync - one for the Windows version and one for the Macintosh version.

    Apple Mail Quick Reference Card


    Attached is a Quick Reference Card for Apple Mail for Macintosh.


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