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    Installing GreenPrint for Windows

    Step by Step

    1. Check if the version of Windows your computer is running is 32 bit or 64 bit. Right click My computer (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 10) then click Properties from the menu that appears. The System Type will show either 32-bit or 64-bit.
    2. Download the appropriate copy of GreenPrint from below.
    3. Double-click the GreenPrintWizard.exe file you downloaded above. You might need to right click the installer and chose Run as administrator.

    Install Symantec Endpoint Protection on Windows


    Dartmouth is not longer recommending Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows. Windows Defender is built into the operating system and works well. See Protect Your Computer from Malware for more information.


    What Are EULAs and Why Should I Read Them?


    What is a EULA?

    An End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal contract between a software application author or publisher and the user of that application. The EULA, often referred to as the "software license," is similar to a rental agreement. The user agrees to pay for the privilege of using the software, and promises the software author or publisher to comply with all restrictions stated in the EULA.

    Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on a Macintosh


    Beginning in November of 2016, Dartmouth is replacing Citrix with RDS for accessing these applications:

    Microsoft Visio and Project Installer


    Microsoft's Visio and Project applications are available to members of the Dartmouth community on a subscription basis. If you need either of these applications installed, contact The Computer Store, located on the lower level of McNutt Hall, to purchase the subscription.

    Once that order is processed, in order to install the software on your computer follow the steps below:

    Greenprint Locations


    Greenprint printers are located in the following areas:

    IT Help for A and S Departments and Programs


    Faculty and staff in each department and program within the Arts and Sciences have an Academic Technology consultant assigned to them. You can find your consultant and their contact information in the chart below. If you have a technology question or problem, please do not hesitate to call, send email, or stop by your department's IT support office.

    IT Security Guideline While Traveling Internationally


    Before You Go:

    • Backup all data, and take only the minimum data necessary, or a clean loaner machine.
    • Work with your IT Consultant to remove or restrict any elevated or sensitive permissions on devices.
    • Consider whether or not it’s feasible to use disposable (e.g., “burner”) accounts for email, file sharing and any other required services.
    • Don’t pack devices in checked luggage, though you may have no choice with laptops due to terrorist threat levels.

    Access SharePoint Data


    If you have the URL for the SharePoint site that contains the data you need to access, click that link. If you don't know the URL, you'll need to search for the site.

    There are two ways to access SharePoint to begin your search.

    Konica Minolta Mac Setup


    Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information, click the Apple menu, then About this Mac

    Setting up a new printer is a three-step process: download the driver, install it, then configure the printer.

    Download the Driver

    Go to


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