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    Core Dartmouth Software


    Use the links below to install the core Dartmouth software.

    Eduroam - Dartmouth's secure wireless network

    Java - Needed to install Dartmouth secure as well as VPN and other applications.

    StarRez - Student Housing System


    StarRez is a comprehensive housing solution, including everything from online applications and room selection, to the core administrative functions, such as billing, reporting, email and mail merge, through to integration with the student information system, and campus systems such as security access cards, single sign on, and meal plans.

    Guest Connection to Wired Network


    If you have been granted the ability to create guest accounts for the wireless network, follow the steps below.

    Getting help with GreenPrint


    If you are having problems with the GreenPrint software on your computer, contact the IT Service Desk or your department's IT support office by emailing [email protected] or calling 603-646-2999.

    Connection to MyFile or OurFiles Not Available


    If you are connected to the Dartmouth wired network, this is typically a very transient issue. When the pop up goes away, the connection has been re-established. This will have no effect on your ability to access your files as they are synchronized between your computer and the server.

    Acrobat Reader for Macintosh


    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freeware program that allows you to read files that were saved in a PDF format. Preview is an application built into the MacIntosh OS that also allows you to read files that were saved in a PDF format.

    PDF is the acronym for Portable Document Format, which is a file format used for capturing fully formatted documents from almost any application, thus making them easily exchangeable and application independent.

    Formatting an External Drive for Use on Mac and Windows


    This process will erase any data on the drive! Step 1 is very important!



    Resetting the NVRAM on a Mac


    For Mac OS X computers, resetting the NVRAM (non-volatile random-access memory) may correct a variety of problems by returning various settings back to the default: display and video settings, time zone, start-up volume choice, speaker volume, and recent kernel panic information, if any.

    To reset the NVRAM:

    Mobile Device Service Overview



    Information, Technology, & Consulting provides a “best-effort” level of support for mobile devices for:

    Virtual Servers Service Overview



    Dartmouth provides several virtual server configuration options. The service offerings are based on the nature of the computing workload or applications being serviced by the virtual server. Our experienced team is available to discuss particular application workload and operational characteristics to assist individuals with selecting the appropriate virtual server configuration.

    Available to

    Departments and Faculty


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