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About Research Computing

Research Computing facilitates and enables the advancement of research by providing leading-edge computing services.

Computational resources are available for high performance and scientific computing, bioinformatic analysis, visualization, and data storage. Research Computing continually expands its services and technologies, ensuring researchers have access to a world-class computational environment. We are committed to developing a responsive and highly capable computing infrastructure that helps researchers with big data challenges of the future across all academic disciplines at Dartmouth.

Director: George E. Morris

Our services

  • Hardware Resources
  • Data Storage
  • Software Resources
  • Accounts for Researchers
  • Programming and Database Support
  • Training and Workshops
  • Grant Writing Support

Office hours

To better serve the campus, Research Computing staff have weekly office hours around campus. Locations and hours are subject to change.

  • Physics
    Thursday, 10am-4pm, Wilder 341: Susan Schwarz
  • Chemistry
    Thursdays, 2pm-3pm, Burke 3rd floor:  John M. Wallace, Research Systems Engineer/Bill Hamblen
  • Life Sciences / Bioinformatics
    Thursdays, 9am-12pm, DHMC Williamson 3rd floor
    By appointment — Tuesdays, 9am-12pm, LSC 
    Christian Darabos Ph.D., Life Sciences Applications Specialist
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Tuesday, 1:30pm-3:30pm, Baker Library Map Room:  Stephen P. Gaughan, GIS Applications Specialist


Our staff are experts in several technical areas relevant to research:

  • Data Management and Faculty Linux Workstation Support: Richard Brittain
  • Tool Development and Application Support: John Wallace
  • Software Development, Visualization and Application Support: Susan A. Schwarz
  • Faculty Workstation and Application Support: Bill Hamblen
  • Discovery Cluster Administration: John Hudson
  • Data Visualization: Mark Boettcher
  • Grant Writing Support: George Morris

Contact us

(603) 646-8936

Hours: 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri

37 Dewey Field Road, Hanover, NH

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