Information, Technology & Consulting

Pre-sales Advice

Purchasing technology products can be confusing. Our pre-sales team can answer your questions about hardware and software, whether products are available in-store or special-ordered.

Talk to Us

Our knowledgeable sales team can offer insight and share resources to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

What We'll Ask

  • What type of operating system are you using: Macintosh or Windows?
  • What version of the operating system are you currently using?
  • Who is the manufacturer of your computer/device and what is the model name?
  • How many megabytes of RAM does your computer currently have?
  • How many megabytes or gigabytes is your hard drive and how much of that space is available?

Demonstration Area

The Computer Store has a demonstration area where members of the Dartmouth community can try out the latest models and ask specific questions. Visit us!

Information, Technology & Consulting