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Computer Store Pickup and Delivery Form

Personal information

such as 22.629.328020.32301.0000

How to contact me

Equipment problem and information

Describe in detail the problem(s) you are experiencing with your equipment, including exactly what you were doing when you started experiencing these problems. We need steps for the technician to take to duplicate the failure (list programs or method used):

Backup information

For software repairs, we make every attempt to recover your data. However, due to the variety of hardware or software problems, we cannot guarantee that all your data will be recovered.

Billing information

Software problems (viruses) are not covered under warranty. If a virus is found, it will be removed at your expense.

For any equipment not under warranty, the minimum charge for an estimate is one hour at a rate of $72/hr. This charge of $72 must be paid at the time the equipment is checked in and before an estimate is rendered.

*$72 would be applied to first hour of labor if repair is completed after estimate.

AppleCare and warranty coverage is limited to hardware repairs. If the problem with your machine is determined to be software related (regular maintenance or labor only), you may be subject to a charge.

Department delivery service

Computing Services offers a pickup/delivery service for on-campus College departmental offices. Would you like your computer equipment delivered to you?

Signature of agreement

I agree to pay for any and all repair charges that are not covered under warranty. Charges not covered under warranty may include, but are not limited to, shipping and time spent troubleshooting. The minimum repair charge will be for 1 hour of labor. I understand that if my repaired equipment is not retrieved within five (5) business days after being notified that the repair has been completed, a storage or delivery fee will be assessed. Equipment left for more than 60 days after I have been initially notified will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting this form.

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