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Wired Network Service Request

In order for us to process your request in a timely and efficient manner, please provide us with some basic information about your request or problem. We need the answers to all of the questions below to determine what the issue is before sending a technician to fix it. This will ensure that the technician has the proper tools and goes to the proper location, resulting in less time to process your request. This process may also help you find an answer yourself.

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Macintosh OS X users should click the Apple menu, then "System Preferences." Click "Sharing" to view the name of your computer. Return to the System Preferences window and click "Network" to view the IP address of your computer. Depending upon how your Network Preferences are set, you may need to change the "Show" field or select the appropriate network connection in the left panel to display the type of network connection you are currently using (e.g. Ethernet, wireless, modem, etc.) before the IP address will be displayed.

Windows users should click "Start," then "Programs," then "Accessories," then "System Tools," then "System Information." Your computer's name is displayed in the "System Name" field. To find your computer's IP address, from the System Information window, click the "Components" folder, then the "Network" folder, then the "Adapter" folder. If you have multiple ways of connecting to the network (e.g. Ethernet, wireless, modem, etc.) be sure to get the IP address for the way in which you are currently connected.

Only jacks with blue tabs are activated.
Please note that we currently have very limited resources to activate additional jacks. In a few locations, the infrastructure already exists which will allow us to activate additional jacks, and if the jack you requested is in one of those locations, we will be able to fulfill your request.
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