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Dartmouth Academic Commons Project

Project Planner: Carole Meyers

The Dartmouth Academic Commons (DAC) is a service of the Dartmouth College Library (DCL) and Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) that provides long-term access to a range of digital content created by members of the Dartmouth community.

DAC is comprised of a suite of management tools that include collection, description, organization, storage, and preservation of content. The media deposited in DAC reflects the intellectual output of Dartmouth faculty, researchers, staff, and students: It is educational, scholarly, or research-oriented in nature.

Our staff includes a development team from ITC and the Dartmouth College Library, as well as several other library employees who work on different aspects of the project.

Enterprise Systems Group (ESG)

Director and Deputy CIO: Joe Doucet

ESG is responsible for the administration of Dartmouth’s central IT infrastructure and systems, from the network to our email system. We collaboratively work with our campus partners to understand their business requirements and to determine the optimal application of technology to address those requirements. We focus our resources in the following areas:

  • Network Services
  • Infrastructure Services (System, Database, Application)
  • Application Systems (Student, Finance, Human Resources, Research)
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Our staff is comprised of IT professionals who are dedicated to providing a robust, secure and reliable computing environment at Dartmouth

Management Services

Director: Tana Perezcastaneda

We provide business services and administrative support to the ITC department, and operate The Computer Store in McNutt Hall.

Our staff handles all financial and personnel matters in ITC.

The Computer Store

Our staff sells and services Mac and Windows hardware, software and accessories.

Information, Technology & Consulting