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T2 Flex: Install Software on the Casio IT-9000 Handheld

Applies To

T2 Flex v. 7.7.611 and higher


When installing T2 Systems software for the first time on the Casio IT-9000, you will use Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) or an SD storage card.

Download the needed installers from the T2 customer Website to a Windows computer:

  • T2Enf_Casio_XXX_setup: installer for T2 Flex Enforcement software.
  • T2PNow_Casio_XXX_setup: installer for T2 PermitNow software.
  • NETCFv35.Messages.EN.wm: .NET framework needed ONLY after performing a hard reset of the handheld. This situation is very rare and would likely only occur after an RMA or with the guidance of T2 Support.

Copy the appropriate installer to the handheld using either WMDC or an SD storage card.

Steps to copy the installer using WMDC:

  1. Connect the handheld to the PC via Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) without setting up your device (guest partnership).
  2. In WMDC, navigate to File Management > . Browse the contents of your device.
  3. Copy the installer from the Windows computer to the \ device folder (not the FlashDisk).

Steps to copy the installer using an SD storage card:

  1. Insert the SD storage card into the SD slot on the Windows computer.
  2. Copy the installer from the administrative PC to the SD storage card folder.
  3. Remove the SD storage card from the administrative PC and insert it into the open SD slot on the side of the handheld.
  4. On the handheld, go to Start > File Explorer > My Device folder where you copied the installer. The SD card folder is also stored here and will contain the installer. There may be two SD card folders under My Device. The blank folder is for the 802.11b SDIO WiFi card. The folder with a small SD card icon is for the SD storage card.
  5. Double-tap the installer file. If upgrading T2 software you will see a message about removing the previous version first.
  6. Tap OK.The installer runs.
  7. If installing T2 software, select \FlashDisk as the install location and tap Install.
  8. Click OK once the installation is complete.
  9. To find the T2 Flex or T2 PermitNow icon once installed, go to Start and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If you have questions or need further information, contact your department's IT support office, or contact the IT Service Desk via email at [email protected], via phone at 603-646-2999 or walk in to see them in Baker/Berry 178J.

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