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Client Qualifications: Who We Support

Our focus is to build websites for administrative offices, academic departments, centers, institutes, and programs on campus.

Do you qualify for a free site?

  • Undergraduate academic departments or programs
  • Dartmouth College administrative departments
  • Centers and institutes affiliated with the Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Web Services is unable to create websites for endorsed "programs within departments" at Dartmouth, but we can offer the following options:

  • You find a department website that will allow you to "embed" your program within their website (program folder is created).
  • Help you find a freelancer or consultant.
  • Recommend our WordPress Do-It-Yourself service (support documentation is available, but no email or one-on-one consulting or support)

Website Pre-planning Guidelines

Working with Web Services to Build Your Website

Our focus is to build websites for administrative and academic departments and programs on campus. Services we provide include:

  • Website Design and Production (Visual/Graphic Design, CSS Coding, HTML Coding, Information Architecture, Site Production)
  • Guidance on and creation of the architecture and design.
  • Guidance on communication, content, and editorial strategy for your website.
  • Consulting/Client Relations (Consult on website content and technology decisions)
  • Quality Assurance (accessibility, standards compliance, structural integrity of websites and web applications)
  • Website and Content Management Support (Ongoing support: one-on-one and group training and support for sites in our content management systems excluding WordPress DIY)

The services we do not provide include:

  • A blank template or use of the CMS (content management system) where access is open to all elements of the website
  • Flash websites or animated elements
  • Image maps with rollovers

For a list of the administrative and academic departments and programs we currently support as clients through the content management system, OmniUpdate, see Client Websites. These websites will give you an idea of what types of sites we can help you create.

If you are a program within a department, and you can find a department that will allow you to "embed" (host) your program information in a folder within their website, we will do the following (the department that is the "umbrella" for your site must have some logical correlation to your program):

  • Ask you to provide written approval from the department website that agrees to "embed" your program information on their site (e-mail is acceptable).
  • We will create a folder on the department website that will hold the web pages for your program.
  • We will set up two groups on the department website:
    • The "department" group will have access to the complete site, including the "program" folder.
    • The "program" group will only have access to the "program" folder.
  • We will create a Username and Password on the department site for the program.
  • We will provide training on using OmniUpdate.

Here's an example of an embedded program:

If you cannot find a "department" website to "embed" your program, please let us know. We can offer to post your provided "want ad" to the Upper Valley Web Authors Group. Or we can provide you with a name(s) of a freelancer that may be able to help you set up your website.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

Preparation and Timeline

Some Things to Consider Before Contacting Us

Building a website can take anywhere from one month to a year or more, depending on numerous factors, including the client's availability and prior preparation, and has many elements. Therefore, before you contact Web Services, we ask that you do some upfront work that will, ultimately, advance the completion of the project in a timely manner.

Appoint a Department Contact for Your Website

  • Appoint a person within your department who will work with Web Services on your website. Having more than one person communicating with us can cause confusion, and therefore, slow down the process.
  • Select a few sites from the list of our clients that you might like your website to emulate.

Consider Your Content

Consider the content that best forwards your department's communications goals for the website ahead of time; for example:

  • What information will be on your website?
  • Is the content coming from an existing site, as is?
  • Is it being totally re-written, and will it be posted to the existing site before it is moved into OmniUpdate?
  • Is it being totally re-written, and will it be added to the new site when you are ready?
  • Is the content being written from scratch; is it coming from various individuals in the department?

Updating and reworking the content before you contact us will move the development of the website forward much quicker.

Using a communications strategy template to organize your goals is a helpful step before meeting with us.

Create an Outline

Organization of your website is the key to its success. The better organized it is, the easier it will be for visitors to navigate through your website. Simple layouts make for easy navigation, and remember, the home page gives visitors the first impression of your site, so make it count.

Consider the content that best forwards your department's communications goals for the website, then create an outline based on that content. Having an outline provides a mental picture of the site, the sections, subsections, and content pages. This outline can also serve as a valuable guide when you set up the navigation of your site.

Contact Web Services

Please submit this form if you meet our client qualifications and would like to begin work on your website.

The building of the site can happen more quickly if you have done the following:

  • Appointed a person within your department to manage the development of the site and be Web Services' contact
  • Have prepared all the content
  • Created an outline
  • Have gathered all the images you expect to use on your website, including any that will be used in the banner of your site.
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