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Faculty Directory

Faculty profiles in the Dartmouth Arts & Sciences faculty directory are edited by individual faculty members or the administrative assistants of their department. The profiles can be associated with multiple academic departments websites through a feed from the faculty directory.

Governance of the Dartmouth Arts & Sciences faculty directory is managed by the Dean of the Faculty, whereas maintenance and support for people profiles is the responsibility of Web Services.

Profile Associations and Editing Privileges

If you are a Dartmouth Arts & Sciences faculty member and have any of the needs below, please contact the Dean of Faculty:

  • You are a new faculty member that needs a profile page created (you must have a NetID in order to be included in the faculty directory).
  • Your departmental association(s) need to be adjusted or are incorrect.
  • You would like to assign editing privileges for your profile to another Dartmouth person.
  • Thayer Engineering faculty who teach undergraduate courses should contact the Thayer Communications Office for questions about their profiles.

Please note, Dean of Faculty determines who is included in the faculty directory. If you don't meet their guidelines, a profile can be created in individual academic sites.

Content Editing and One-on-One Training

For content editing questions or support for page breakage, please contact Web Services:

  • Your profile page is not displaying properly.
  • You would like to be trained on how to edit your profile page.

Content Fields

Email and phone information is pulled into the profiles when they are set up using NetID information.

Content fields which are available for editing to individual faculty members are:

  • Display name
  • Profile image
  • Title
  • Office location
  • Education
  • Personal statement
  • Areas of expertise
  • Social media outlets
  • Courses
  • Curriculum Vitae (either upload a PDF or link to a PDF on another site)
  • Selected publications
  • Works in progress
  • Speaking engagements
  • Selected works and activities
  • Slideshow portfolio (images and video)
  • Custom section to add a custom category

To manage your faculty profile, go to the faculty directory and find the "Manage your profile" link in the secondary menu.

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