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What is User Experience Design?

user experience

Successful websites begin with a user centric approach that is informed by a communication strategy and understanding user behavior on the web. 

According to the 2014 Nielson Total Audience Report, the average American spends 11+ hours each day using electronic media. On the web we socialize, conduct business, and learn new things. The web is a critical part of our built environment and the best way to make sure it works for people is to test it on people. In Web Services we focus on a user-centered approach to our work with you.

A user experience focus leverages content strategy, architecture, design, and engineering to deliver a positive web experience.

How we do user testing

In a typical website project we spend time talking with you about your communication goals and your audience. We look at your content, organize it in a way that your intended audience is most able to interact with it. We then solicit example audience members to test the site structure using a variety of tools, including user surveys, and hands-on cardsorts. After gathering all this information, we present the findings to you and make adjustments to the site structure accordingly.


Phased testing during the site build helps us create sites that work for the intended audience.

We build the site and when it is in draft mode, we invite users in to test again, allowing us to make fine-tuning prior to launch. 


Finally, we evaluate site performance both quantitatively, relying on analytics reports and qualitatively, returning to our clients to ask how they feel their site is performing based on user responses. 


We're always testing and would love your help. It's simple, all you need to do is let us know you're interested and we'll contact you to show you the ropes. On the surface browser testing may not seem glamorous, but project success depends on making sure comprehensive device testing is done.

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