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ITS Staff Awards, Fall 2015 – Team Spirit

all staff meeting

ITS employees at the fall 2015 all-staff meeting

collaboration award winners

Collaboration Award Winners: Security, Network, and Infrastructure Services teams

collaboration award winners ed tech

Collaboration Award Winners: Educational Technology Services and Classroom Technologies Services

Every term, 166 members of ITS gather for an all-staff meeting, where Vice President for Information Technology, Chief Information Officer Ellen Waite-Franzen introduces new staff, plans for the future, and presents awards. This term, starting with the Collaboration Award, Interface will highlight ITS award winners, who embody ITS values and advance Dartmouth’s mission through their work. 

Winners of the Collaboration Award worked together to form multi-unit partnerships to achieve shared goals, solve problems, and create new services.

Security, Network, and Infrastructure Services teams

Thirty-one ITS staff worked on the Firewall Context/Security Project, a collaboration between Security, Network, and Infrastructure Services teams to migrate more than 500 servers to new firewall contexts. Teams met together regularly to review current firewall architecture, plan future architecture, and execute migration in a way that minimized service disruptions. Several applications and critical services could have been substantially interrupted by this work; however, the teams’ close collaboration minimized impact. As a result of this project, several new cross-team processes have been permanently implemented, which will ensure continued collaboration between these groups when new servers and services are brought online.

Team members include: Adam Goldstein, Sean McNamara, Frank Archambeault, Felix Windt, Paul Schmidt, Sean Dunten, Ty Peavey, David Steiner, Joe Hill, Ramesh Basukala, Donel D’Cruze, Matt Ruzicka, Rob Ream, Dominic Rodizza, David Avery, Andrew Johnson, Dave Barthel, Jonathan Crossett, Elijah Gagne, Steve Morrow, Dan Lamson, John Jeunnette, Matthew Hodgson, Doug Plumley, Matthew Brabazon, Dan Bergamini, Todd MacKenzie, Rik King, Nate Paddock (not pictured: Karen Riccardi, David Lester)

Educational Technology Services and Classroom Technologies Services

Fourteen staff in Educational Technology Services and Classroom Technologies Services worked on three projects that improved the teaching and learning experience for faculty and students. Team members programmed and redesigned the Arts and Humanities Resource Center, and designed and implemented the active learning incubator in Carson 61, the Berry Instructional Center. Most importantly, the groups worked together from the outset to identify the requirements and needs of these important projects.

Team members include: Andrew Faunce, Adrienne Gauthier, Mike Goudzwaard, Ashley Kehoe, Barbara Knauff, Scott Millspaugh, Adam Nemeroff, Christina Swaan, Robien Wymans, Marlowe Frank, Norma Rose Williams, Keith Borgstron, Erin DeSilva, Rich Stanton

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