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Migration Order

The migration order for administrative websites is approved by the web governance committee. Generally sites are prioritized by their relationship to the academic enterprise, particularly those that support student affairs and student life at Dartmouth. Our mantra for the migration has been "everything academic, everything students, and everything else."

The first wave of migration work was focused on academic departments and we launched the last academic department in our queue in November 2015. In this next wave we move our attention to a collection of sites that are focused on the student experience. The migration order below addresses:

  • Student life
  • Student wellness
  • Academic support
  • Student services

The process

Once we have a final approval of site order from the VP of Student Affairs, we will schedule a kick-off meeting with each group of site owners to manage a coordinated effort where there may be shared or overlapping content across departments. The first order of business will be to look at any potentially shared content for student affairs related content such as policies/guidelines, contact resources, and department information. This content will be moved first so that it will be available to be referenced by all sites.

Everything else is a size-able slice of work! When we hit the halfway milestone on the current wave, we will tackle the ordering of the next series of sites.

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