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Websites in Progress

We're in the fall interim, we've finished up the academic sites, we've soft-launched two major center sites which will be announced in January 2016. A lot of work has been put to bed as we head into a restful winter recess. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here is a list of websites that are in the process of being migrated.

  • Student Affairs websites - about 30 related sites, in our internal discovery phase
  • The Neukom Center - queued up to kick-off in winter term

A site migration follows through a series of milestones related to:

  • Discovery
    • meeting with project stakeholders
    • reviewing the existing content and navigational structure
    • reviewing site performance
    • defining the audience
    • asking questions about the site, including wish list items
  • Strategy
    • proposing a new navigational structure
      • academic and administrative sites have a number of required information architecture (IA) items, required by the institutional template design
    • reviewing the institutional template package and its interactive interface
    • testing the proposed navigational structure on the intended audience
  • Design
    • visual, interactive, and functional design components are considered
  • Build
    • provisioning of the site in the publishing platform
    • moving all identified content
    • creating new content in collaboration with departments
    • preparing the draft site for approval
  • Launch
  • Post launch
    • punch list
    • two component editor training
  • Maintenance and support



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