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WordPress Service Overview



WordPress is a web content management system (CMS) that allows current Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff to create websites for administrative, academic, and curricular use.

There are two WordPress platforms available for use, depending on the subject matter of the intended site.

Sites at Dartmouth

The Sites at Dartmouth platform is for administrative use, not for personal sites.

Sites at Dartmouth is made available on a self-service basis and is not considered a mission-critical system.

Appropriate use of the Sites at Dartmouth platform includes:

  • Student group and organization websites
  • Conference websites
  • Faculty labs and research group websites
  • Administrative initiatives websites

To learn more about this platform, or to request a site, visit Sites at Dartmouth.

Dartmouth Journeys

Journeys allows students, faculty, and staff, to create and collaborate on learning portfolios, class blogs, class projects, and both student blogs and journals. Journeys is Dartmouth’s platform for digital publishing needs in the learning environment.

Appropriate use of the Dartmouth Journeys platform includes:

  • Student portfolios
  • Class projects

To learn more about this platform, or to request a site, visit Dartmouth Journeys.

Benefits and Features

The primary benefit of WordPress is that it is easy to use, sites can be created very quickly, and site editors often already know how to use WordPress, since it is a common tool outside of Dartmouth.


Up-to-date browser and OS requirements for WordPress.

Get Help

Please note, not all of the functionalities discussed on and Lynda are available on the Dartmouth hosted WordPress platforms.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the WordPress platform, please email [email protected]

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