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ServiceNow Delegates


How to Add a Delegate

Click Self Service from the left nav bar then Delegates. Click the Delegates menu item.

  1. View the Delegates list, which will show any current Delegates you have set up. To create a new Delegate, click the New button.
  2. Type the Delegate name.
  3. Set the period of time for delegation (Starts and Ends).
  4. Specify the responsibilities the delegate will assume using the checkboxes:
    • Approvals: The delegate can approve items on your behalf.
    • Assignments: The delegate can view and work on tasks assigned to you.
    • CC Notifications: The delegate receives a copy of email notifications sent to you, except those marked Meeting Invitation. This option must always be checked for your delegate to receive notification of your Approvals or Assignments.
    • Meeting Invitations: The delegate receives a copy of any meeting invitations sent to you by ServiceNow (for example Change calendar invitations).
  5. Click Submit and Close.

Note: Your delegate will get the same email notifications sent to you. The delegate may be confused to see "Incident assigned to you" emails, so make sure they know they are your delegate.

How to Modify a Delegate Record

You can modify the values in an active Delegate record to adjust the responsibilities of your delegate or to End their delegation.

    1. Click Self Service from the left nav bar then Delegates.
    2. View the Delegates list to review your current delegates.
    3. To adjust your delegate’s responsibilities, check/uncheck the appropriate boxes.
    4. To end the delegation sooner than previously planned, adjust the Ends date to today or yesterday.
    5. Click Save and Close.

Note: It is recommended that you do not delete the delegate record. This allows you to maintain a record of your past delegations.


Delegation Definition

Delegation is the ability to designate other users to receive and interact with approvals and tasks assigned or sent to you, and to receive copies of all email notifications sent to you.

Selecting a delegate is useful so your ServiceNow approval requests can be processed when you’re on vacation or unavailable.

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