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Authorized Approvers for Sponsored or Departmental Accounts


All sponsored or departmental account requests must be submitted on the current form (May 2014). Old versions of the form will be returned.

Senior Officers Who can Sign a Sponsored or Departmental Account Form

Area: Dean of the Faculty

Departments: Arts & Sciences

Senior Officer: Elizabeth F. Smith

Others Authorized: Chris Strenta (EO), Daniel Rockmore (Sciences), Jay Hull (Social Science), Barbara Will (Humanities), Dennis Washburn (Interdisciplinary Programs)

Area: Dean of the College/Student Affairs

Departments:  Academic Skills, Center for Professional Development, Collis/Student Involvement, Dartmouth Broadcasting, Dartmouth Center for Service, Dartmouth Forensic Union, FYSEP/King Scholars, Greek Life, Health Services, Judicial Affairs, Native American Program, Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), Outdoor Programs, Residential Life, Student Accessibility Services, Student Life, Student Wellness Center, Tucker Center, Undergraduate Deans' Office

Senior Officer: Rebecca Biron

Others Authorized: Emily Eckels, Elizabeth Agosto, Katherine Burke

Area: Medical School

Departments: All Geisel Departments

Senior Officer: Duane Compton

Others Authorized: Faith Goodness, Leslie Henderson, Wes Benbow, Stephen McAllister

Area: President

Departments: Athletics, College Counsel, Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity

Senior Officer: Philip Hanlon

Others Authorized: Laura Hercod, Marion Simpson, Sandhya Iyer, Harry Sheehy

Area: Provost

Departments:Admissions & Financial Aid, Information Technology Services, Dickey Center, Electron Microscope, Ethics Institute, Hood Museum, Hopkins Center, ILEAD, Institutional Research, Libraries, Montgomery Endowment, Planning, Design & Construction, Rassias Foundation, Sponsored Projects, Student Employment, Tucker Foundation, University Press of New England, WISP

Senior Officer: David Kotz

Others Authorized: Mary-Ella Zietz, Martha Austin, George Morris - for accounts for accessing research systems only

Area: School of Graduate and Advanced Studies

Departments: All Graduate and Advanced Studies departments

Senior Officer: F. Jon Kull

Others Authorized

Area: SVP Advancement

Departments: Advancement Division

Senior Officer: Robert Lasher

Others Authorized:Patricia Jackson

Area: Thayer School

Departments: All Thayer School Departments

Senior Officer: Joseph Helble

Others Authorized: Larry McKinnon, Mark J. Franklin, Matthew Dailey

Area: Tuck School

Departments: All Tuck School Departments

Senior Officer: Matthew Slaughter

Others Authorized: Robert Hansen, Stan Pyc, Geoff Bronner, Steve Lubrano

Area: VP Alumni Affairs

Departments: Alumni Relations

Senior Officer: Martha Beattie

Others Authorized: Victoria Gonin

Area: VP Development

Departments: Development

Senior Officer: Andrew Davidson

Others Authorized: Ann Root Keith, Lesa Knapp

Area: Vice President & Treasurer

Departments: Risk Management, College Forester, Controller, DELCO, Dining Services, Environmental Health and Safety, FO&M, Financial Services. & Treas., Hanover Inn, Human Resources, Investments, Procurement Services, Real Estate

Senior Officer: Richard Mills

Others Authorized: Michael Wagner

Area: VP Public Affairs

Departments: Public Affairs, Public Programs

Senior Officer: Justin Anderson

Others Authorized:

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