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Phone Scams

Dartmouth is receiving “spoofed” phone calls - calls that display the incoming number as 603-646-xxxx but are not from on campus. Calls from on campus only show as 6xxxx for the caller ID; they never display the area code (603) and exchange (646) as part of the number. Calls showing the full number are from off campus but are masked to look like on campus numbers. They are spam and should not be answered.

As a reminder, Dartmouth phone numbers are just like any other phone number. Scammers and telemarketers can call you from any number, posing as someone they are not, or just cold calling to try to sell you something. Do not give confidential, personal or financial information over the phone to anyone who calls without verifying their identity. Dartmouth numbers can be registered at the Do Not Call Registry at

Information, Technology & Consulting