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OurFiles Permanent Connection on a Mac


Note: Do NOT connect to OurFiles from a public computer unless you have the ability to restart the computer after you have finished using OurFiles. If you need to do this, make sure you do NOT set up a permanent connect. Otherwise, the next person who uses the computer may have access to your files.

  1. Click Finder from the menu bar, then Preferences from the menu that appears. You may need to click the desktop to make the Finder the active application.
  2. In the Show these items on the desktop field, select Connected servers. Close the Finder Preferences window.
  3. If you want an OurFiles folder to show as an icon on your desktop, make sure you have an open connect to your OurFiles space.

To have a connection to the OurFiles server appear automatically every time you log into your computer:

  1. From the Apple menu click System Preferences.
  2. Double click the Users & Groups or Accounts preference to open it. Make sure your user login name is selected, then click Login Items.
  3. Drag the OurFiles icon from your desktop into the Login Items list. Close the Preferences window

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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