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Gene Inspector for Windows


  1. Download Gene Inspector.
  2. Right-button click the file and select to Extract All, then click Extract.
  3. Open the resulting Gene Inspector 2 folder, and then double click Setup.
  4. The computer may prompt you to allow Setup.exe to make changes. Click Yes.
  5. Accept the default responses. Click Next then Yes then Next (three times).
  6. The application will now install. Once completed, click Finish.
  7. In your list of Programs, you will now see Gene Inspector 2.0. Within that folder, click Gene Inspector to start the application.


Gene Inspector is a program for DNA and protein analyses.

This application is KeyServed and requires KeyAccess be installed on your computer, as well as a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run Gene Inspector.

  • Version: 2
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 21 MB
  • File Date: May 14. 2013

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