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Phone Types by Dorm


The table below provides information regarding which dorms use VoIP phones and which dorms use standard analog phones.

In the dorms that are listed as VoIP, Dartmouth provides one phone for each room, regardless of the number of beds in the room. These phones are locked to the specific jack they are plugged into and cannot be moved by the student. See the Office of Residential Life for more information.

In the dorms listed as analog, students can bring a standard phone to plug into the jack provided.

Dorm NamePhone Type
 Achtmeyer VoIP
 Alpha Chi Alpha VoIP
 Alpha Delta VoIP
 Andres Analog
 Asian Studies Analog
 Bissell VoIP
 Brown VoIP
 Butterfield Analog
 Channing Cox Analog
 Cohen VoIP
 Cutter Shabazz Analog
 Chi Herot Analog
 Delta Delta Delta Analog
 Epsilon Kappa Theta VoIP
 Fairchild VoIP
 Fayerweather Middle Analog
 Fayerweather  North Analog
 Fayerweather South Analog
 French Analog
 Gile Hall Analog
 Hitchcock VoIP
 Ivy Lane Analog
 Judge Analog
 Kappa Delta Epsilon VoIP
 Kappa Kappa Gamma VoIP
 La Casa Analog
 Lalac House Analog
 Ledyard Apartments VoIP
 Little VoIP
 Lodge Analog
 Lord Analog
 Maclean Hall VoIP
 Mass Middle Analog
 Mass North Analog
 Mass South Analog
 Maxwell Analog
 McCulloch Analog
 McLane VoIP
 Morton Analog
 North Analog
 Native American Analog
 New Hamp VoIP
 North Park Analog
 Phi Tau VoIP
 Pineau-Valencienne VoIP
 Richardson Analog
 Ripley Analog
 Russell Sage Analog
 Sigma Delta VoIP
 Smith Analog
 Streeter Analog
 Topliff Analog
 Tuck Hall VoIP
 West St VoIP
 Wheeler Analog
 Whittemore Analog
 Woodbury VoIP
 Woodward Analog
 Zimmerman Analog



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