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Strengthening Email Security at Dartmouth: Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Dartmouth email will be deployed on July 31, 2017. This service is part of an ongoing cybersecurity initiative to continue protecting Dartmouth. ATP will analyze incoming email, and block malware and unsafe links.  

There is some chance that legitimate files may be blocked. A special response team will address these known issues. Call 603-646-2999 for assistance.

New Self-Service Security Question Reset

Faculty and staff who lock their accounts by answering their security questions incorrectly can now reset their security questions and regain access to systems without intervention from the IT Help Desk – if they have a non-Dartmouth email address on file before the account is locked. See for more information.

Fight Cybercrime with ITS Training Modules

Faculty and Staff:

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and widespread. Learn the latest tricks cyber attackers are using, and how you can defend against them by taking ITS Cyber Security’s brief security modules.






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