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On Joining edX

Dartmouth announced today that it has joined edX, the nonprofit online learning platform founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

ITS Canvas Project in The Dartmouth

Read "Student Body Shifts from Blackboard to Canvas," about Dartmouth's new learning management system (LMS) in today's issue of The Dartmouth. Great interviews with Assistant Director of Educational Technologies Barbara Knauff and Associate Director of ITS Susan Zaslaw.

Administrative Computing Featured in Dartmouth Now

"The firestorm that’s surrounded the Affordable Care Act’s website in recent months has highlighted the importance of making sure Dartmouth’s operates properly.

Because many applicants will be logging on at the same time to check the status of their applications, it is vital that they are able to get on the website and get correct information regarding their admission and financial aid decisions.

Information Technology Backup Test 12/21 & 12/22

Notice to Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students:

On the weekend of December 21 and 22, Information Technology Services (ITS) will conduct a test to ensure that critical computer applications and services have a sufficient level of redundancy or backup. The timing of the test, during the first weekend of the holiday break, is meant to minimize the impact of any potential service disruption. It is, however, possible that users could experience an interruption of some systems, including email, MyFiles/OurFiles, and Banner. See below for a complete list.

Three Steps for Staying Safe on Facebook

by Samantha Oh '14 

Samantha Oh '14 is a sociology major who gave a presentation on Facebook settings during last month's cyber security awareness seminars. In this guest post on Interface, Oh shares simple steps you can take to stay safe after Facebook's latest changes.

Remember when Facebook used to let you opt out of connecting your Timeline to Facebook Search?

Department Spotlight: Classroom Technology Services

Eighty five percent of Dartmouth's Arts and Sciences classrooms and public assembly spaces are equipped with innovations that make learning more collaborative and engaging. Dartmouth Computing Services' Classroom Technology Services develops, manages, and maintains these technology systems, standing behind the scenes for many successful undergraduate courses, academic conferences, administrative functions, and campus events.

Interface sat down with Associate Director for Classroom Technology Services Andrew Faunce to learn more about his department's role at Dartmouth.

Welcome, New Computing Services Employees

Last quarter, Dartmouth Computing Services welcomed 17 new employees to our department. Now that they've had the chance to settle in, we've caught up with a few of them to get to know them better.

CryptoLocker Malware Advisory

CryptoLocker is a type of malicious software known as ransomware. Other ransomware may appear to "freeze" your computer until you pay a fee, typically with a credit card, but CryptoLocker is different. It actually encrypts user files (Office documents, PDFs, pictures, etc.) using strong public key encryption, and then stores the private key required to decrypt the files on a remote server controlled by the attacker.

Computing Services Moves to Four Currier Place


It’s well known that tech giants Google and Facebook implement sleek office design and open structures to encourage creativity and collaboration among employees. Now, Dartmouth Computing Services follows this trend with a new location in Hanover’s Four Currier Place that features wall-less work spaces, bright colors, and smart meeting rooms.

Cyber Security Awareness: The Realities of Cybercrime

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Each week, we'll feature a tip on a different aspect of this important topic.

This week's tip: Cybercrime includes cyberbullying, online stalking, use of malicious software, identify theft, and more.

Learn what to do if you find yourself a victim of cybercrime.


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